I write news stories, feature articles and essays for websites, magazines and newspapers. Most of the places I’ve written for are science and health publications, including Scientific American, Health Affairs, Nature News and Yale E360. (You can see a more complete list under the Work tab.) I also write for professional groups and clinical trade publications. (Again, check the Work tab.) I'm drawn to a range of subject matters within the vast realm of biology, probably because I'm still rebounding from the decade I spent in the lab and the myopic focus that demanded! I got my PhD in 2006 from Columbia University after exploring the ins and outs of cancer-causing human papillomavirus. Then I did a short post-doc in Paris studying HIV drug resistance. I finally accepted that I am happier writing about science than doing it, and got my master’s in journalism in 2009 from New York University in the Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program (SHERP). I’ve worked as a contributing writer for CNN Health, and before that, a reporter and researcher at Health.com. I still love learning about infectious diseases and immunology and jump at the chance to write about those subjects. You can see my CV here. I live in NYC with my husband, our daughter and two cats.

You can reach me at storrsc[at]gmail.com if you want to talk about how crazy it is that papillomavirus makes rabbits grow horns or how long till we are all subsisting on tofu, crickets and lab-grown meat. Or if you have a story idea or want to pay me to write something. You can also find me on Twitter at cstorrs.